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Jan 9, 2020

Meet Anne Whiting, the eco-conscious fashion designer and founder of Anne James New York, a sustainable fashion brand located in NYC that creates unique made-to-measure, custom-fit garments using primarily recycled and remnant fabrics.

In this episode we chat about:

- Anne's love for fashion and the journey that led her into the fashion industry.
- What inspired her + why she decided to become a sustainable/ethical fashion designer.
- The challenges and frustrations Anne has encountered over the years as an eco-conscious fashion designer.
- Why she uses deadstock material. 
- Why ethical/sustainable fashion brands tend to be more expensive than generic fast-fashion commercial brands.
- The importance and challenges around conscious consumerism and sustainable living.
- And so much more! 

Happy listening!

Connect with Anne James New York:
- Website
- Instagram
- Twitter