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Dec 18, 2019

“I feel this deep responsibility as someone who is feeding people to be feeding them real food and to be really transparent about what we’re feeding them... We want to prove that you don’t have to compromise your products and you don’t have to compromise the health of your consumers to be a successful business.” — Brooke Harris, Founder of Goodmylk Co.

In this episode Brooke and I chat about:

  • The health and wellness journey (and struggles) that led her to launch Goodmylk Co.
  • Growing up on a dairy farm in upstate New York.
  • The importance of creating a product with pure, organic and real food ingredients and being completely transparent about the ingredients being used.
  • The difference between raw and pasteurized almonds (and what pasteurized means).
  • The confusion around food labels and the lack of transparency in the food industry.
  • The controversy around the sustainability of almond milk and why she believes hemp milk will be the future of nut milk.
  • Her entrepreneurial challenges and her “one” true talent in life.
  • Sustainable packaging and so much more!

This was such a wonderful conversation. Happy listening!

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