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Sep 4, 2019

"The work that we do is about giving back. The more we feed our soils, and care for the land the more abundant the trees. When we can work in unison with the land we form a harmony that extends to the food and products we share. One of the goals of Pure Mana Hawaii is to give back to the farmers that produce our food and botanicals and help them to succeed.  Pure Mana Hawaii makes eco-conscious decisions every step of the way. From the ingredients we use to the packaging, all is done as a gift “from our soil to your soul”. One world, one mission. We should all do our part to preserve the pure natural resources that are still available.”  — Kollette Stith

Meet Sue Mandini & Kollette Stith, the co-founders of Pure Mana Hawaii, an organic and eco-luxe skincare line of oils and botanical blends made entirely from locally sourced, farm-grown, or wild-crafted ingredients. Pure Mana is literally food for your skin. They grow, harvest, process, and hand-press the purest, organic Macadamia Nuts, Kona Green Coffee and Vanilla oils on their farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

In this episode we chat about:

- How Sue and Kollette met + the journey that led them to launch Pure Mana.
- The skin benefits of using macadamia nut oils and green coffee oil.
- The ingredients they use in their products + where they're sourced
- The two-year-long process they underwent to fine-tune their formulas. 
- The pros and cons of living as a modern-day homesteader (this is truly a way of life I admire).
- The importance of sustainable farming, the symbiotic relationship between plants, and the challenges of organic farming.
- The ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journey.
- Pure Mana’s sustainable packaging program (customers can return their used glass bottles and in return receive a$25 gift code for online purchases #zerowaste).
- And so much more! 

This was such a great conversation! Happy listening!

Connect with Pure Mana:
- Instagram @puremanahawaii 
- Facebook @puremanahawaii