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Oct 22, 2020

This is the final episode of Season 2 and I couldn't be more thrilled to close out this season than with today’s guest, Rebecca Ballard, the founder of the ethical and sustainable fashion brand Maven Women. A clothing label created by women for women that honors people and planet along every step of the way. 

In today’s episode we chat about:

- The important role her faith plays in everything she does
- Her passion for human rights
- What inspired her to shift gears from working as a lawyer in the federal government to launching an ethical fashion brand for women
- The challenges women face around always striving to achieve “effortless perfection” and the toll it plays on us
- The importance of embracing all shapes and sizes
- Her entrepreneurial challenges over the years and lessons she’s learned
- The difference between her American eco-innovation collection and her global artisan collection
- The importance of resiliency and prioritizing your mental health and wellbeing
- And so much more!

Happy listening!