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May 26, 2020

Meet Deanna Cook, the founder of LIYA Collective, a slow fashion brand making minimalist accessories for the modern woman. Most recently, the creator of the beautiful, versatile, and ethically created silk scarf.

In today’s episode Deanna and I chat about:

  • The journey that led her to launch LIYA collective (she had planned on becoming a lawyer but her path led her down a different route.)
  • Why donating our lightly used clothes isn’t always the most sustainable option + where they end up.
  • Why she decided to launch a sustainable/ethical accessories brand and her vision for the future.
  • All about the silk making process and the benefits of using a textile such as silk.
  • The difference between traditional silk and peace silk
  • The challenges she overcame to create a sustainable/ethical supply chain
  • The importance of conscious consumerism.
  • And more!

This was such a great conversation! Happy listening!