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Nov 7, 2018

"Shopping ethically and sustainably is not always the easiest, nor the most accessible or affordable option…but, you know, no one is expecting anyone to be perfect, we’re all learning here. The brands are learning, the consumers are learning. Anyone who says they’re perfect is obviously lying. There’s no way in our current economy and society you could be perfect." - Elizabeth Joy

Meet Elizabeth Joy, the face and voice behind Conscious Life and Style blog based out of Chicago, Illinois. 

In this episode we cover:
- The journey that led Elizabeth to launching Conscious Life and Style blog.
- The learning curve she faced as she transitioned into living a more sustainable lifestyle.
- Tips on how to become a more informed and conscious consumer.
- Some of her favorite ethical brands and resources
- How she selects which brands to collaborate with and promote. 

Had a great time chatting with Elizabeth and think you'll enjoy this episode. Happy listening! 

PS: Links to articles I mentioned during this interview.
Forbes: The Problem With The Term "Ethical Fashion"

Eluxe Magazine: Why I think ethical fashion is a  privileged white girl thing