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Sep 22, 2021

Jenn Harper woke up in the middle of the night in 2015 after having, as she shares, a “crazy dream.” A dream where Native girls were playing with lip gloss, making a mess but, above all else, filled with JOY!

She jumped out of bed, reached for pen and paper and proceeded to write down everything she had witnessed throughout her dream.

Little did she know that this vision, this dream, this calling, however you want to define it, would be the beginnings of a healing journey that would change not only Jenn’s life but countless others as well. 

Meet Jenn Harper, an Anishinaabe-Canadian and the founder of Cheekbone Beauty, a socially conscious cosmetic brand that empowers and brings hope to Indigenous youth. 

In this episode Jenn and I chat about:

  • Jenn’s battle with alcoholism and how learning about her family's past helped her overcome her addiction
  • Her grandmother's traumatic experience in the Residential School System and the impact this trauma has had on her family throughout generations
  • The importance of healing and creating new pathways
  • Jenn's mission to use Cheekbone Beauty as a tool to help empower and bring hope to the next generation of Indigenous youth
  • How Jenn overcame the entrepreneurial challenges of launching a business with only $500 in her bank account
  • Why creating an eco-friendly and socially conscious brand is so important to Jenn
  • The importance of showing up and never giving up 
  • Shannen’s Dream + other organizations Cheekbone Beauty donates to in order to support Indigenous youth
  • And more!

I am honored to share Jenn's personal and entrepreneurial journey with all of you today. She truly is a beacon of light for so many and leading a movement that we can all fully support and get behind.

Connect with Cheekbone Beauty on Instagram, Facebook, and online at

The Wise Consumer Show Notes: