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Jun 5, 2019

"Everything in life, especially when you’re starting something new, has ups and downs. So do not get demotivated by the first obstacle you come across. Keep going, learn as much as you can and as quickly as you can, and then move forward." -- Ibrahim Shams

Meet Ibrahim Shams, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kiliim, an Egyptian social enterprise and a lifestyle brand that aims to revive and sustain the local craft of handmade kilim making in Egypt by introducing modern designs to a time-honored technique.

In this episode we cover:

- The history and culture around the ancient craft of kilim weaving in Egypt (dates back to a time when Pharaoh's still ruled Egypt!)
- The importance of reviving and maintaining the craft of kilim weaving.
- The inspiration and journey that led Ibrahim to Co-Founding Kiliim with his wife Noha, who also happens to be Ibrahim's Co-Founder and Kiliim's Chief Designer. 
- Why paying fair wages and working with local artisans in Fowwa, a small village situated along the lush Nile Delta, was so important to both Ibrahim and Noha.
- How and where they source their materials (sustainably sourced cotton and wool).
- The pros and cons of working with your significant other and the challenges of establishing a healthy work/life balance.
- And so much more!

This was such a GREAT conversation. I know you're going to love it! Ibrahim has such an amazing story to share and he and Noha are truly doing some amazing work! Happy listening!