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Jun 12, 2019

“My wish is that people would buy less but buy better, as is heard more and more often, but also, have a moment every time you decide to purchase something. Every time you pick a product up and think “I am going to buy this!” hold it in your hand and ask yourself: "Where did its come from? Who made this? How did this turn into yarn and into clothes?" It touched so many’re responsible for the entire timeline of that piece of clothing, as with any product.” — Janeane Marie

Meet Janeane Marie, founder of Manta, a minimalist USA made swimwear line made from sustainably sourced materials. 

In this episode we cover:
- Her journey from being an "anti-fashionista" to becoming one of Kat Von D's head fashion designers.
- How and why she developed a sustainable/ethical swimwear line (her experience in the fast fashion industry & traveling to Asia greatly impacted her).
- The inspiration and creative process behind Manta.
- Why she selected ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon made from plastic waste and abandoned fishing nets, as her fabric of choice. 
- The complex relationship women have with their bodies.
- The importance of being more mindful & conscious consumers and why it matters.
- And so much more!

This was such a great conversation! Happy listening.