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Oct 3, 2018

"We will be a kilometer back in the cave and the walls will have those little thank you bags. You know the ones you get at the grocery stores, those little white ones? They’ll be stuck to the walls floating in the current. It looks like there are ghosts lining the walls…they end up in these sink holes and they make our way into our ground water. But, that’s not the only thing we see back there. You also see tires, you see 55 gallon drums of who knows what, etc. And as you’re swimming past this stuff you’ll see  someones water pipe coming down through the ceiling of this cave going directly to their well, directly to their house in fact, and that’s what really brings home how connected we really are to our ecosystem in ways we really don’t realize." -  Kenny Broad, National Geographic Explorer and Chief Exploration Officer Virtual Wonders

Meet Kenny Broad! Deep sea cave diver, 2011 National Geographic explorer of the Year and Chief Exploration Officer for the 3D imaging company Virtual Wonders.

In this episode we cover:

- The journey that led him to where he is today

-The environmental changes he’s seen over the course of his career

- The lessons he's learned from deep sea cave diving and how we can apply them to our everyday lives

-The power of visual storytelling when it comes to conservation and preservation of our planet

-The challenges of his first entrepreneurial venture with Virtual Wonders  

Had a great time chatting with Kenny. I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.

Happy listening.