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Oct 31, 2019

"Fatou: Crazy ideas are the best ideas! The Wax project was one crazy idea, we had no idea where it would take us. You just need to believe in your ideas, you might be surprised where it takes you. 

Mai: Yeah, don't underestimate the power of not knowing where you're going! The beauty of our story is that we didn't know where we were going (or what we were doing) but we had an idea and this idea gave us so much more." -- Mai & Fatou, Co-Founders of The Wax Project 

Meet Maimouna & Fatou Ndiaye, the co-founders of The Wax Project, a fashion line handmade in Senegal that uses African prints, “wax” as material. Not only do Mai and Fatou collaborate and support local Senegalese tailors but for every product sold they donate a % to associations and schools in Senegal. 

In this episode we chat about:
- What it was like growing up as a Senagalese in Bangladesh.
- What inspired them to launch The Wax Project.
- The importance of education (this is something they truly value).
- The challenges they've faced and overcome throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

- How they overcame the naysayers
- Why it was so important for them to support local Senegalese tailors and to give back to their community.
- The importance of following your dreams and taking a leap of faith to pursue your "crazy" ideas (you'll never know where it will lead you and what impact it might make in someone else's life!)

This was such a great conversation! I think you'll really enjoy this episode! Happy listening. 

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