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Jun 26, 2019

I am thrilled to finally be able to share this episode with you all! This is the first episode in a series of 4 where Ill be chatting with women from different walks of life, cultures, and countries about their personal experiences, struggles, thoughts, lessons learned, tips, etc. when it comes to living sustainably while raising children. Because y’all I realize it’s not always easy to be eco-friendly, shop ethically/sustainably, reduce our waste, etc., let alone for one person, but then when you add a tiny human to the mix it seems as though things seem to get a bit more complicated. So my question is: Does living sustainably get more complicated once you have children? Well, in a way it does. Does that mean it's impossible? Absolutely not. Will you do it perfectly, probably not and is that OK! Which is why we are having this conversation.  

To help me explore this question, I invited Natalie Kay, founder of Sustainably Chic, Olivia Gossett Cooper, founder of Today We Will, Verena Erin founder of My Green Closet, and Ashley Ayala from Sisterhouse Collective, and guys, this was such a  great conversation! We chatted about the pros and cons of reusable vs disposable diapers, toys (plastic vs eco-friendly….this is an issue a lot of women approach me with), secondhand shopping, breastfeeding, the challenges of time management, mom guilt, social media and so much more.

This was a super fun and insightful conversation and I think you’ll get a lot out of it! Happy listening!