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Nov 16, 2022

Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Are you looking for tips to help you improve your relationship with sleep? Are you a sleep deprived mama who is struggling to function throughout the day without drinking 50+ cups of coffee? 

Well, fluff up your pillows and get cozy because Dr. Jade Wu, a licensed clinical psychologist and Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist, is here to help us unpack and explore the importance of sleep and to share simple tips to help us get more of it!

Dr. Jade Wu is a licensed clinical psychologist and Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist. Her current scientific research focuses on treating sleep disorders in those with chronic illness. She is also a frequent guest on popular TV, radio, and podcast shows such as NPR and Huffington Post. In the clinic, Dr. Wu uses evidence-based non-medication treatments to help people improve their sleep (and waking life), and is especially passionate about helping women to navigate and improve their sleep during pregnancy, postpartum, and other major life transitions.

In this conversation Dr. Wu explores the importance of sleep, the difference between sleepy and tired, practical tips to help sleep deprived mama’s navigate the sleep challenges that accompany parenting, how hormones impact sleep, the importance of prioritizing your circadian rhythm, tips to help you overcome the dreaded afternoon lull, and so much more!

Dr. Wu is a wealth of knowledge and it's an honor to have her on the podcast to share her wisdom and expertise with all of you!

The Wise Consumer Show Notes: