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Nov 23, 2022

So, you just had a baby! Yay, congratulations! Hope you're taking such good care of yourself and baby is doing so well! Now, let me ask you a question -- are you itching to workout again? Are you anxiously awaiting that six weeks postpartum appointment, hoping against hope that your OB will give you the "all clear" to start exercising again? I know I was. Unfortunately, I didn't get the "all clear" to exercise again at my 6-weeks postpartum exam. Rather, my OB wrote me a referral to see a pelvic floor specialist and told me to "take it easy." Bummer.

The reality is many of us aren’t ready to get back to our pre-baby exercising regimes after our six weeks postpartum exam, or eight weeks if you had a c-section. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone but, generally speaking, most of us need to give our bodies a bit more time to heal and strengthen after delivery.

But, how much time do most of us need before we can start exercising again? How do we know if our bodies are ready? Or, what if we’re feeling discouraged by the lack of “progress” our bodies are making after pregnancy to “bounce back?” What then!?

Here to help answer these questions and more is Dr. Amanda Olson, a pelvic floor specialist, founder of Intimate Rose, and a Certified Pilates Instructor & Running Coach. (Note: I spoke with Dr. Amanda in episode 88 “4 Ways you Can Benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy.” Make sure to give that episode a listen if you haven’t already! It’s jam-packed with helpful tips and information on all things pelvic floor health.)

In this episode Dr. Amanda shares what really happens to our bodies, anatomically speaking, when we’re pregnant, how to get back to working out safely after pregnancy, whether or not running with urinary incontinence is a problem, why some women, especially women who’ve experienced c-sections, may take longer to get back into high intensity exercise, how to use vaginal weights, the importance of nutrition, and more!

Press play now if you’re ready embrace your amazing postpartum body and to get back out there feeling encouraged and stronger than you were before!