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Oct 20, 2021

Do you ever look at your trash at the end of the week and feel a bit guilty because of all the plastic packaging and food waste you created (if you do, please don't!)? Looking for simple tricks, tips, and ideas on how you might be able to reduce your food waste and single-use packaging without feeling overwhelmed or like a total failure?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you'll absolutely want to tune-in to my conversation with cookbook author, blogger, fermenter and sourdough baker Anne-Marie Bonneau, The Zero-Waste Chef.

Anne-Marie went plastic-free in 2011 after learning about plastic's devastating impacts on our oceans and their inhabitants. But, as can be expected, this new lifestyle change wasn’t an easy one and certainly didn’t happen overnight. In fact, Anne-Marie shares, in the beginning, it felt nearly impossible! But, “step-by-step, swap-by-swap, we implemented the necessary changes to eliminate the plastic waste.” 

I’ve been a fan of Anne-Marie’s work since the beginning of my "zero-waste" journey. And, seeing that I am extremely passionate about all things nutrition and reducing food waste, I thought chatting with the Zero-Waste Chef would be a great way to explore new and alternative ways to help us all reduce food waste.

In our conversation today, Anne-Marie and I chat about:

  • The challenges she faced at the beginning of her “zero-waste” living journey 
  • Why zero-waste living isn’t an all or nothing proposition + how she defines the term “zero-waste”
  • Simple tips on how reduce food waste in the kitchen (which believe it or not is not all about bulk food shopping)
  • How to cook à la “zero-waste”
  • The benefits of cutting down on food and packaging waste in the kitchen
  • The importance of supporting your local farmers
  • Her thoughts on the climate crisis and how we can all get involved to make a positive difference
  • Her new cookbook
  • And so much more!

This is such a fun and insightful conversation packed with simple tips, tricks, and encouragement for anyone looking to reduce food waste from their lives and to live, as Anne-Marie puts it, “a little bit zero-waste.”

Connect with Anne-Marie Bonneau on Instagram, Facebook, and online.

The Wise Consumer Show Notes: