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Dec 14, 2022

Hi friend! I am taking a bit of time off from editing and sharing new podcast episodes for a few weeks while I finish working on a new project (more info coming soon!). The good news is there are plenty of other episodes from previous seasons you can catch-up on (binge!) while I step away from the microphone during these next few weeks. For instance, have you listened to my conversation with world-renowned bra expert and founder of Bravolution, Laura Tempesta? If you haven’t yet, press play now because you’re in for a treat! More soon!  :)


Did you know that 80% of women are most likely wearing the wrong bra size?! Crazy right? Weirdly enough, I never really gave much thought to bra sizing until I came across Laura Tempesta’s TedTalk “You’ll Never Look At Bras The Same Way Again!” 

After watching her TedTalk and realizing that everything I thought I knew about bra sizing was wrong, I figured this was a topic we should unpack and explore on the podcast together. So, here to clear up some of the confusion around bra sizing and to share helpful solutions is the bra expert herself, Laura Tempesta.

Laura is a world-renowned bra expert, apparel innovator, and an inventor of multiple patented products. In fact, she is the only American with a Master’s degree in Lingerie Design, and the only person in the world with a custom-designed degree to study the engineering, design, performance and innovation of Sports Bras. Prior to founding Bravolution, a consumer advocacy group and resource providing bra reviews and education, Laura was Nike’s Sports Bra Innovation Director where she helped guide and develop sports bra innovation. She has been featured as a bra expert in Vogue, Insider, and Better Homes & Gardens and is a TEDx speaker. In short: Laura is on a mission to change the world one poorly fitting sports bra at a time!

If you’re tired of continually wasting money on bras that don’t fit and aren’t comfortable and want to learn how to finally find a bra (or sports bra) that fits and properly supports your ‘girls’ then tune-in because we chat about all this and more in today’s episode!

The Wise Consumer Show Notes: