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Jul 10, 2019

"We have trained bee's to do a lot of crazy things. They've been trained to do addition and subtraction and to recognize different artists. For example, they trained bee's to identify Aboriginal art from Picasso! They've also trained them to smell bombs smell cancer. There's just so many different crazy experiments that have been done where they've taught bee's all these different things! And, not only are the bee's able to learn but they're able to communicate to us that they learned. To me, that's nuts!" - Hilary Kearney

Meet Hilary Kearney, the founder of Girl Next Door Honey, a beekeeping business that focuses on bee-centric programs such as natural beekeeping classes, apiary management (which is basically backyard beekpeeing), classroom presentations, beehive tours, live bee removal and more! 

In this episode we cover:

- The entrepreneurial journey that led Hilary to founding a beekeeping business (let's just say beekeeping was never on the agenda)
- The intelligence of bee's & how they communicate with each other 
- The difference between honeybee's and bumblebee's
- How climate change and pesticides are killing bee's
- What we, as individuals, can do to help protect bee's and what to do in case we come across a swarm of bee's
- Her struggle to find a manageable work/life balance
- Her love/hate relationship to technology
- And so much more!

This was such a great conversation! Happy listening.

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