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Oct 14, 2020

Meet Kristi Knowles, the CEO of Mother Raw, a brand that truly believes in the importance of making healthy and nutritious food accessible and appealing to all. Mother Raw creates delicious plant-based products, ranging from salad dressings to condiments, using only nutrient-rich, sustainably sourced, organic ingredients in their purest form. All of Mother Raw's products are free from preservatives, fillers and artificial ingredients. And let me tell you, you can absolutely taste the difference!

In today's episode Kristi and I chat about:
- The journey that led her to work in the food industry
- The unfortunate and tragic passing of RawFoodz, now Mother Raw’s, founder Michelle Kopman in 2018 and what inspired Kristi to carry on her mission.
- The importance of eating pure and natural foods that are minimally processed.
- How Mother Raw develops and creates it’s dressings, dips, and condiments, and who gets to taste test them
- The difference between cold-blended and heated products.
- How you can eat healthy even when you're on a budget
- How she manages work life balance
- How to overcome fear of failure
- And so much more! 

Happy listening! 

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